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Driving down costs while improving quality and reliability

Over 22 years ago this international company selected Aquent to build web applications to enable better connections with their suppliers. This engagement has allowed them to drive down costs, improve delivery, impact reliability and product quality. More synergy and better relationships have developed and the savings have been in the millions. After twenty years of continuous incremental improvement, this collection of over eighty applications has supported billions of dollars in annual procurement and is often benchmarked by other Fortune 100 companies.

Focus on user experience provides simplified solutions saving unexpected millions

Receiving payment for this $1.2M project hinged on critical stakeholders dropping their current system in favor of the new solution. To enable these stakeholders to visualize what we were about to build we created extensive user interface mockups allowing us to discover critical flaws in the original design. Flaws which would cause users to reject using the solution.

With the new user data, we stopped the project under the direction of the stakeholders, re-defined the original requirements and designed the tools for actual users, still meeting needs within the original budget.

During each phase, we kept the stakeholders involved in the process, demonstrating functionality, and incorporated their suggestions where possible. As they saw their ideas develop, users became excited, involved owners. During deployment, we visited critical stakeholders, making adjustments as needed to ensure all issues were resolved. In the end, all decision makers were enthusiastic about their new tools with 100% acceptance.

Explosive results in order management by improving user experience

An international manufacturing company is realizing the benefits of implementing a substantial upgrade in the user experience for their dealers. This change empowers the dealers to sell more and better manage their products. Engaged early on, Aquent helped to prototype this flagship project, digitally transforming the experience into a new, web-accessible, order management application. Utilizing both advanced front and back-end architects, technical leaders, and developers, our skills have become key to the continued success of this project.